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  1. A. Tencati, S. Castaldo e N. Misani, 2020, “A Qualified Account of Supererogation: Toward a Better Conceptualization of Corporate Social Responsibility”, Business Ethics Quarterly, 30(2), pp. 250-272.
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  4. N. Misani, 2017. “The Organizational Outcomes of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review of the Literature”, SSRN:
  5. N. Misani, 2017. “The Role of Motive Attributions of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in the Development of Stakeholder Trust”, Proceedings of the International Association for Business and Society, 28, pp. 191-203.
  6. G. Lojacono e N. Misani, 2017. Davines: Internationalizing a Niche, SDA Bocconi – The Case Centre, 317-0062-1.
  7. N. Misani e P. Varacca Capello (a cura di), 2017. Fashion Collections: Product Development and Merchandising, Milano (IT): Bocconi University Press.
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  9. N. Misani, M. Buongiorno e V. Buzzi, 2016. “Boards, underwriter reputation, and underpricing in IPO markets: An investigation of the effects of the directors’ human and social capital”, Rivista dei Dottori Commercialisti, 57(2), pp. 209-234.
  10. N. Misani e S. Pogutz, 2015, “Unraveling the effects of environmental outcomes and processes on financial performance: A non-linear approach”, Ecological Economics, 109(1), pp. 150-160.

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